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WAMED HealthCare Solutions takes great pride to give you an experienced cost effective resource 
to establish your healthcare center worldwide.

WAMED HealthCare Solutions specializes in providing tailor-made turnkey solutions for all types of medical facilities.
As a “one-stop shop” we offer a complete chain of services from concept through planning, design, construction, 
installation, maintenance and technical service support. 

Our flexibility means that we can apply our expertise to all healthcare challenges. 
We can create an entire medical center, or set up a specialized clinic. 
We can expand and upgrade an existing facility, or only provide advanced medical equipment and on-going service support.

Growing out of more than 20 years experience in medical systems research and development, 
WAMED Health Care Solutions leads the way for the most cost effective hospital building and equipping projects worldwide. 

Our capabilities range from designing, providing equipment, all medical equipment installations, supplying all parts and ongoing service with extremely fast response time and OnLine Remote-Diagnostic support in real time. 

Our abilities and experience has no geographic limitations as we always meet the clients demands efficiently and in the most cost effective manner. 
In times of governmental constraints, and reduced reimbursements, the initial services and ongoing support provided by us will be instrumental in contributing to the success of the medical center. 

We operate and maintain quality management system standards: ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003 

Since health systems vary greatly around the world, WAMED works closely with clients in the public and private sectors to tailor the project to local health needs and client requirements. 
We respect budgetary and scheduling frameworks and are committed to saving time and costs in the 
execution of all of our projects. We know that the success of the project is the success of our client, and 
therefore our success as well. 



  • Customer requirements & functional requirements analysis.

  • Local market research – existing services, legal aspects, permits and regulations.

  • Feasibility studies.

  • Business plans, medical equipment lists.Assistance with securing project financing.



  • Master plan and functional program.

  • Scope of work estimates.

  • Architectural plan.

  • Project plan and schedule.

  • Financial plan.

  • Installation plan.

  • RFP/RFQ process.



  • Site preparation.

  • Construction of buildings.

  • Installing baseline infrastructure: electricity, water, medical gases, 
    IT, air conditioning etc.

  • Roads and transportation access.



  • Identification and purchase.

  • Assembly, packing and shipping.

  • Infrastructure for receiving and operating medical 

  • Installation, calibration and testing.












  • Service support – fast response time and on-line remote diagnostic support.

  • Staff training courses.

  • Maintenance.

  • Systems management – inventory planning, contract management, finance control, logistics management.

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